If it is not possible to restore your original radiator, we can fabricate a new radiator unit for you to that will be a perfect replacement. We can copy your original radiator, or if you do not have an original radiator, we can work from a drawing, or a model of the radiator in combination with photographs. If necessary, we can work together with your workshop to make a model of the radiator on the car. This way we can be sure the end product will fit the car perfectly.

Our radiators are built using original materials and core patterns.



Radiator parts

Parts of a radiator are often missing. Because of our extensive experience in the restoration of classic radiators, we can often manufacture these parts or find replacements. For example thermostats, calorstats, badges and brand plates. We can also make castings for your radiators if needed.

From heater cores to badges and thermostats

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